Become a Mobile App Developer (iOS)

Swift for iOS App Development. Create concise, secure and performant apps.

About this Course

This course is a selection of material from our larger Web Development course.

Utilizing tools and libraries that have been tested in the business, learn how to design and create iOS apps using the Swift programming language. By using these methods, you can design apps more quickly, with less code, and with fewer mistakes.

Included Product

Rich learning content
Taught by industry pros
Self-Paced learning

What You Will Learn


Swift (iOS)
  • Define the Fundamental concepts of iOS app development
  • Use Swift Playground to create a simple iOS app
  • Set up and explore the Apple play store Studio interface, configurations and built-in tools


  • How to begin app development and produce your first iOS application
  • How to spot poorly written code from properly written code and how to use best practices in Swift programming
  • The methods and procedures needed to submit your software to the App Store