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Learn UI/UX design

This course will explain how to create a complete website design from scratch while taking user experience and user interface into consideration. There will be three phases to this: Wireframe – designing the prototype’s layout Prototype – the wireframe is used to prepare the user interface Design using Figma – incorporating color, an image, etc. …

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Introduction to DevOps

DevOps skills are in demand! DevOps skills are expected to be one of the fastest-growing skills in the workforce. This course can be a first step in obtaining those skills. Introduction to DevOps explores DevOps as a cultural movement, including building a business case for DevOps, the essentials of DevOps, and a brief history of …

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Learn Swift – (iOS)

What You will learn; Learn how to wireframe, mockup, and prototype your app idea by becoming an expert in app design. You will learn by doing, and each lesson will be applied to a project for a practical app.

Learn Xamarin – (Android)

Learn to build native mobile apps for Android using your existing C# skills. Understand the fundamentals of Xamarin Forms and its architecture

Introduction to Mobile Development

Learn React from the pros. Delon Jobs offers expert-authored React training that will take your software development knowledge to the next level. Learn how to create interactive UIs, develop encapsulated components to pass rich data through your app, and more.

Learn Web APIs – Module Three

The Basics of Web API, About, HTTP, GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, Web API and SQL Server, Web API Content Negotiation, Web API Media Type Formatter, Implementing Post, Delete, and Put Methods in ASP.NET Web API, Custom Method Names, Query String Parameters in ASP.NET Web API, and much more are all covered in this course.

Learn .NET framework – Module Two

The.NET programming framework challenges conventional wisdom. It is both a platform and a runtime environment; while it supports cross-platform development, Windows is where it is most frequently used. Learn how to construct simple apps for four different project kinds, including ASP.NET MVC, Windows Presentation Foundation, Console, and Web API. Also learn about the many IDEs …

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Learn C-Sharp – Module One

Developers who take this C# course will learn the essential programming knowledge and abilities needed to develop Windows programs in the C# programming language. The advanced C# features will be the primary focus. The Visual Studio 2012 debugger will also be introduced to the students. Features of C# A straightforward language with an organized approach. …

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Introduction to Backend Development

In this free online introductory course to JavaScript, you will learn how to utilize this programming language to enhance the look and functionality of your webpage. This practical, yet simple course, is created for those with no former education or experience with JavaScript. JavaScript is becoming increasingly popular in creating websites today, and as such, …

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Learn ReactJS – Module Three

LESSON SUMMARY Leverage React, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, to refine the quality of your work and create professional user interfaces. You’ll learn to manage states, allowing your website to work with data in a more dynamic way; and integrate an application programming interface (API), which connects your website to a back-end. Key …

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Learn JavaScript – Module Two

LESSON SUMMARY Today’s websites are interactive, with animations, logins, checkouts, and much more. They do more than merely display material. You will master the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and JavaScript, including how to use reusable “building blocks” of code, to add functionality to your web pages. After understanding the foundations of programming, you will advance …

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Learn Html/Css – Module One

LESSON SUMMARY Learn to arrange your code in a clear, logical, and understandable way while mastering the fundamental front-end languages HTML and CSS. Before using Flexbox (a CSS framework) to boost the complexity and speed of your web page creation, construct static web pages using only HTML and CSS. Key skills: HTML, CSS, Flexbox

Introduction to Frontend Development

What you’ll learn Understand core concepts of HTML Understand core concepts of CSS Create HTML Document Structure Style HTML elements with CSS Create a basic website Create web apps